Monday, April 28, 2014

Since its CD 1 yet again...

I will update.

I got the call, and was told the official word was that I was canceled again. However, since this time there was only 2 follies at 16mm and 3 at 13mm, I didn't have that big of a risk. My issue was e2, it was now at 1500. I also learned, through my own opks and the blood test that I was surging on my own, and if I wanted to risk multiples, I could go ahead and bd at home. I asked if since my e2 was high again, if I risk a crash and short lp again, the answer I got was "I don't know, it could be the same, and it could be a different ball game." CD 30 was appointment day.

This was Thursday, and I had a new appointment for a blood draw the following Monday. My chart seemed to point to o that night. I wanted to use my crinone, the progesterone gel, to give myself a chance. I decided to wait until the blood test confirmed o.

It did not. It was inconclusive. My p4 was only .89 since it was higher than the last draw at .64 the nurse say its likely I ovulated very recently. Since I thought I od, according to temps, opks, breast pain, cramps, cm, cp, and everything else 4 days ago, I was not convinced. Either I hadn't ovulated, or I did and my p4 was already on the way down. I started the crinone anyway, and my temp shot up even higher. I figured even if I didn't o, this would bring on af so I dont need provera again. I HATE the waiting game that is provera. I just want to move on.

I messed up with the gel one day, and my temp went down the following morning and spotting started. I was better about it the next day, however spotting continued. I took a few hpts, all were negative, so I stopped the crinone.

I am so disappointed. I STILL haven't had a shot at getting pregnant. We are now in our 12th month of trying, and we have yet to actually "try".

 Ive cried, Ive had a few glasses of wine, and now that the witch arrived I called for my next appointment. I am going to bring up combination cycles, were you take oral meds and injections, in hopes that they pills will keep most of the follicles from responding and help keep e2 levels down, while the fsh works on just a few follies. However I have no idea if they will go for that.

I will also ask when we should consider IVF. DH and I have talked about this being our best option now. My reservations with that are the cost and the fact that our MTF (Military Treatment Facility) only does these 4 times a year, and has a waiting list, and DH will be out of the military in a year. I don't know if we will have Tricare by the time its our turn, let alone for the care by the time our hopeful baby is born. Financially, we have decided to finance it, even though the thought of continuing to pay for a baby that we may not even conceive kills me a little.


  1. I am sorry to hear this. Infertility is such a roller coaster. Big hugs to you.

    1. Thank you. It is a roller coaster isn't it? I hope we all get to end up at the fun part. That would make all this worth it.